Tips For Maximizing Energy Efficiency With Your Garage Door Installation

Looking to add a garage door to your home? No residential garage is complete without a door. A garage door helps to protect cars and other items stored inside the garage from burglars and outside elements, such as rain, ice, hail, wind, and direct sunlight. It also impacts the home's exterior style, contributing to the property's curb appeal. 

That said, your garage door can also help to boost the energy efficiency of your home. Consider these tips to maximize the energy efficiency of your new residential garage door.

Invest In A Garage Door With A High R-Value

A garage door's R-value is the measure of how well that door insulates the garage and prevents heat transfer. The higher the number is, the better the door is at retaining heat within the garage space. Several factors, including the door construction materials, the insulation products used, and the paint color and finish applied to the door, affect the R-value and cost of garage doors. 

If you can't afford a garage door with a high R-value, at least aim for one with a decent R-value.

Seal Your Garage Door

You may struggle to keep garage space comfortable during summer and winter if your garage is unsealed. Sealing the bottom and edges of your garage door is not just important for keeping water and pests out of the garage, but also for preventing drafts from entering through those gaps.

To ensure your garage is properly sealed and protected from extreme temperatures, seal the edges of the garage door with weather stripping and install a door seal at the bottom of the door.

Use A High-Efficiency Door Opener

Modern garage door openers have energy-saving features that make them more efficient than older models. If you want to optimize your garage door's energy efficiency, consider investing in one of these high-efficiency door openers.

Setting up a smart garage door opener can lead to further energy savings as you can remotely close your garage door when you forget, minimizing heat loss. 

Proper planning and preparation are key to optimizing energy efficiency with your garage door. That said, you may need expert help to identify the most efficient garage door for your residential needs and requirements. 

Get in touch with a reputable garage door company for expert assistance with garage door selection and installation. Everyone's situation is unique, so what works for other homeowners might not work for you.

For more information about garage doors, contact a local company.