4 Symptoms Indicating That You Require Garage Door Spring Repair

Having a reinforced garage door is very important, especially if you have a car. It provides security to your automobile and other belongings that you store in the garage. However, like any other fixture in your home, your garage door will also experience some wear and tear over the years. When this happens, some of the garage door parts might malfunction, rendering the fixture less reliable. Thankfully, you can restore proper functionality by commissioning garage door repair.

One of the garage door parts that might get damaged is the garage door spring because it has to carry the weight of the fixture when it's opened or closed. Even though the springs weakening over time is normal, you shouldn't postpone repairing them because they might just break. In this article, you'll learn five symptoms indicating you require garage door spring repair. This way, you can act fast and salvage the springs before they wear out completely.

1. Broken Door Cables

A common sign of damaged garage door springs is broken cables. This happens when the springs are not strong enough to take on most of the tension when the door is opened or closed. The cables get overworked because of picking up the slack, and eventually, they break. To restore your garage door to optimum operation, your technician will fix the springs as well as the broken cables.

2. A Door that gets Stuck During Operation

If your door keeps getting stuck when you're trying to open or close it, there is likely a problem with your springs. This is a sign that the springs are broken and can no longer support the door's weight. It could also mean that the springs are too tight and need to be adjusted. Whichever the case, your technician will get to the root of the problem and provide a suitable garage door spring repair.

3. Bent Top Section

A bent top is another clear indication of a problem with your garage door springs. This usually happens when the door is forced open or closed when the springs are already damaged. Since this can cause more damage to your door, it is best to call a professional as soon as you notice this problem. They will be able to address the issue and restore your door to its original condition.

4. A Door that Falls Fast When Closing

Something unusual, like your garage door falling too fast when closing, is a cause for concern. This happens when the springs cannot provide the right amount of tension, causing the door to freefall. With the help of a professional, this problem can be diagnosed and fixed before it threatens the safety of your loved ones.

If you've noticed any of the tell-tale signs discussed above, don't hesitate to contact a local garage door spring repair service.