Is Your Garage Door In Need Of Repair? 3 Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

While some garage door repairs are purely cosmetic in nature, other repairs are necessary to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones when accessing your garage. It is this second type of garage door repair that you really need to be concerned with. Unfortunately, the need for cosmetic repairs is often much easier to spot. Thankfully, you can learn to spot the warning signs of more serious problems as well. For instance, if you spot any of the three warning signs discussed in this article, you will need to contact a garage door repair contractor as soon as possible in order to ensure the proper and safe function of your garage door.

Your Door Is Opening Or Closing Slower Than It Once Did

There are a few different reasons why your garage door may be opening or closing slower than it once did. For instance, as your garage door ages, the wear and tear that is put on all the moving parts that make your garage door function properly can result in a slower-moving door. The speed at which your garage door opens and closes can also be impacted by a lack of proper lubrication. Having your garage door inspected by a professional is without a doubt the best way to determine exactly what is causing your door to operate more slowly so that you can either repair or replace the door as necessary.

Your Door Is Closing Unevenly

When you open or close your garage door, both sides of the door should move at the same speed. If your door is closing unevenly, this is a good indication that the spring on one side of the door has become worn and is in need of replacement. A failure to get these repairs done quickly can result in severe strain being put on the the one surviving spring and can result in serious problems, such as your garage door failing to open or coming off the track. This issue can pose a rather substantial safety risk and should be addressed right away.

Your Door Is Noisy

All too often people ignore a noisy garage door because they simply attribute the excess noise to the door getting older. However, if your door has become louder over time, this could be an indication of many different issues. For example, a noisy garage door can point to issues with loose screws or hinges, rollers that are coming off the track, or worn springs and lift cables. All of these issues can pose a safety risk, so it is essential that you contact a garage door repair contractor in your area if you notice an increased amount of noise coming from your garage door when you open or close it.