Garage Door Problems & Repairs

In order for a garage door to remain in a functional condition, it must receive maintenance every now and then. Without certain parts of the door receiving maintenance, problems can arise that require getting repairs or replacing the parts altogether. For example, if you don't make sure the metal tracks are oiled up every now and then, they can become too rusty for the door to move, which often means that new tracks must be installed. Sometimes a lack of maintenance can lead to a garage door becoming useless altogether, but it is wise for a homeowner to find out if repairs can be made before buying a replacement. Learn more about garage door problems and repairs by continuing to read this article.

Types of Garage Door Problems

In addition to a garage door possibly developing problems due to rusty tracks, they can also become detached due to loose screws. Screws can become loose due to using a garage door on a long-term basis, but it is usually an easy problem to fix. Another problem that a garage door might have is the inability to be opened or closed, which can be as simple as something being wrong with the sensors. When sensors are the problem, it is often something that a homeowner can resolve on their own, although a professional can still assist. Various other parts such as the springs, tracks, and door can cause interference with the opening and closing process.

Deciding to Repair vs. Replace

Sometimes it isn't wise to invest in repairing a garage door, as it can lead to money constantly being spent. If you don't know if you should focus on getting your door repaired or replaced, a few signs might give you some guidance. For example, a garage door that is always problematic and is over 10 years old might be better off with being replaced altogether. if there seem to be more and more problems developing with your door rather than one thing, it is also a good sign that you should replace it. Speak to someone in the garage door industry about your door to get a confirmation as to whether it is time to replace it or not.

Expenses for Garage Door Repairs

The expenses involved with repairing a garage door can be easily affordable when the problems are minor. However, the price can vary because different contractors charge differently when it comes to the labor put into the repair. It is common for garage door repairs to cost over a hundred dollars or more. 

To learn more, contact a garage door repair service.