Four Great Features Of Retractable Patio Screens

Garages are typically designed to hold a family's cars, but many people choose to repurpose the space to fill other needs. Your garage can be used as a storage area, pet shelter, or even a playroom for kids. Whether you're trying to create a workspace or just find somewhere to hang out, a retractable garage door screen can help you do it. Here are four features of motorized garage door screens that homeowners will find useful:

1. They can be operated automatically.

Garage door screens can be motorized, which means you'll be able to raise and lower them with the push of a button. You'll never have to manually operate a crank or struggle to roll a screen up or down. Motorized garage door screens can be connected to the same power source that operates your garage door.

2. They offer superior bug protection.

Garage door screens allow you to leave your garage door open for ventilation without worrying about bugs finding their way inside. The screen itself is made of a fine mesh that's small enough to keep flies, mosquitos, and other unwanted insects out. You can use the attached zippers to secure the sides of your garage door screen to the wall, preventing any insects from sneaking around the edges of the screen. Garage door screens are often weighted on the bottom, which will prevent crawling bugs like cockroaches from getting into your home.

3. They can create privacy.

Garage door screens offer privacy. You can feel free to leave your garage door open while you're inside without fear that your neighbors are looking at you. Choose your ideal level of privacy by picking your garage door screen material carefully. Sheer material will provide bug protection while still affording you a clear view outside. If you prefer a lot of privacy, you can purchase a garage door screen in a heavier material. Heavier screens in dark colors will completely obscure the vision of passersby, so you can feel comfortable and secure in your garage hideaway.

4. They can reduce direct sunlight.

Garage door screens can also reduce the amount of direct sunlight you face. This can make a big difference in the overall temperature in your garage. Without the sun heating everything up, your fans can work more efficiently. Less direct sunlight also means you'll face less glare, which is exciting news for anyone who uses their garage as a home entertainment center.

For more information about motorized garage door screens, contact a professional near you.