Garage Door Spring Repair Questions Homeowners May Need Answered

The spring of your garage door opener is one of the central components that will allow it to raise and lower the heavy door. Due to this being a central component of these systems, homeowners must be informed about the types of repairs and problems that their garage door will experience.

Is It Normal To Need To Adjust The Garage Door Spring?

When a garage door spring starts to reach the end of its life, it may warp enough to lose the ability to open and close the door system. Some homeowners may assume that adjusting the garage door spring to compensate for this will be a normal part of maintaining these systems. However, this is usually a sign that the spring is needing to be professionally adjusted and balanced. Continuing to tighten or otherwise adjust the spring can increase the risk of it snapping due to excessive pressure being placed on it.

How Do You Keep A Garage Door Spring From Corroding?

Corrosion is another common problem for garage door springs. When a layer of corrosion is able to form on a garage door spring, it can cause severe damage to it in a very short period of time. This will be due to the ability of the corrosion to eat away at the spring, which can significantly reduce the maximum load that it can accommodate. Keeping the spring properly lubricated can help to keep corrosion from condensation forming as the lubricant will keep the water from coming into direct contact with the metal of the spring. Unfortunately, if the spring develops corrosion on it, a professional may be able to remove the corrosion and apply a sealant. While this will not undo any weakening that has already occurred, it can help to stop the corrosion from spreading and worsening.

Is A Garage Door Spring Difficult To Repair?

Whether it is due to the garage door spring suffering acute damage or simply reaching the end of its life, repairing it can be a fairly major process. This is due to the fact that much of the opener assembly will need to be taken apart for the spring to be reached. Unfortunately, this can be a fairly dangerous repair to make due to the high tension that the spring is under. If it is not handled using the proper technique and equipment, it could be propelled towards you with enough speed to cause significant injuries. This risk should be enough to keep any homeowner from attempting to complete this repair on their own. Contact a garage door spring repair contractor for help.