Is The Spring Sprung? Tips For Recognizing This Type Of Garage Door Repair Issue

Pressing the button on your remote or using your smartphone to open and close the garage door is an important convenience for busy families. But when any of the components used in the opening process become worn or fail, the garage door may cease to work as expected. 

Determining the type of spring

One of the components required for the door to work as it should is the garage door spring. Depending on the type of garage door you have, the spring may be either an extension spring or a torsion spring. 

Homeowners can determine which type of spring their door uses by looking at its location. Torsion springs will be visible above the door when viewed from the interior of the garage when the door is in the closed position.

Extension springs are located above the tracks on both the left and right side. Garage doors with extension springs utilize a pair of safety cables to ensure that the door does not fall, should one of the springs fail. Torsion springs are designed to be self-contained and do not require safety cables. 

Signs of spring damage or breakage

A worn or damaged spring of either type that can no longer lift and hold the weight of the garage door can result in problems ranging from inconvenience to injury. As wear occurs or worsens, noises are likely to be heard as the door is opened or closed. 

When a spring breaks, the noise can become worse when the door attempts to open or close. In some instances, homeowners may even hear a garage door spring break from inside their home because of the loud bang it creates. 

Additional signs that the spring has failed include the following: 

  • finding that the door no longer opens completely
  • noticing that the safety cables appear looser than normal
  • noticing that the garage door seems to fall when closing
  • finding that the opening or closing functions seem jerky
  • seeing that the garage door appears to be crooked in its frame

In doors equipped with a torsion spring, it may also be possible to see changes in the spring when it damage occurs, including gaps or noting that some areas appear to have come unwound. 

Any problem involving a garage door spring should be considered serious. Because of the weight of the door and the risk of injury, should it fall, homeowners are advised to contact a garage door repair service to replace damaged or broken springs.